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  Shandong Feiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. recruitment
Shandong Feiyang Chemical Co., Ltd is owned by Shandong Taifeng Mining Group Co. Ltd (65%), Shenzhen Feiyang Industry Co. Ltd. shares (35%), fine chemical company formed a joint venture, 07 years since the beginning of May to build, a total investment of 300000000 Yuan, the construction in three phases. The main production of dimethyl carbonate two, 1, 2 propylene glycol, propylene carbonate, succinic acid, carbonate mixed ester, high purity methyl ethyl carbonate, carbonate of high purity ethyl carbonate mixed ester two, the technology for the domestic, international initiative technology. Products on the market, the benefit is obvious, battery grade methyl ethyl carbonate (EMC) and two ethyl carbonate (DEC) project is the current domestic and international hot spot. After the three phase of the project construction, Feiyang chemical industry has rapidly grown into the wonderful fine chemical industry.
According to the requirements of the development, the present public recruitment of talent:
Technician: male, undergraduate, professional technology analysis of chemical engineering and chemical technology, polymer chemistry, chemistry, work experience is preferred.
Technical operator: Bachelor degree or above, chemical engineering.
One, the recruitment conditions
1, law-abiding, good character, honest, hardworking, unity and cooperation, rigorous style of work, have good professional accomplishment.
2 familiar with fine chemical enterprise, knowledge of the actual production of fine chemical enterprise, full of team spirit, innovative thinking and communication ability, have strong analytical and problem solving ability.
3 healthy, its quality is good, between the ages of 20-40 years old.
Two, relevant treatment:
The personnel employed by the probation period of three months, probation expires after the examination after passing the examination for posts, with engineering and technical experience, treatment can favorably, and sign labor contract, pay 5 danger; free accommodation.       
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